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Bill and Carolynn Ferguson

It was good to see you again recently and we appreciate the overview you gave us of the housing market currently in Colorado Springs. We will stay in touch and hope to be back in the market at a future date. If so, we would certainly look forward to working with you again. A great pleasure in life is working with professionals who have integrity and commitment, are highly skilled and capable, and effective in delivering results. Even more rewarding is to work with someone who is also personable, sensitive to their client’s needs, responsive and adept in dealing with multiple parties involved at all levels in any undertaking – including the inevitable challenges and difficult situations encountered. Based on our experience you are such a person.

You did a superb job you for us last year in selling our house in Stratton Preserve. During the period that you represented us as our selling agent we had the opportunity to know you both as a professional and a person.You were a pleasure to work with across all dimensions of the sales process. We found the advice you gave us on selling terms, repairs/upgrades and presentation all to be an accurate read of the market and invaluable.
We also appreciate the impressive knowledge and experience that you brought to the role of selling agent. Your sales channels, connections and network are excellent. Your commitment to superior execution at all stages unwavering. Your insights into house construction is a major asset as are your connections within the residential home servicing industry from decorators and designers to builders and maintenance specialists. As such you can source skilled people to address almost any need associated with upgrading and repairing property in preparation for sale. Your technical knowledge, and equally key your attention to detailsincluding conscientious monitoring of due dates and conditions precedent,related to sale and purchase contracts, mortgage applications and other documentation avoids delays, costly oversights and even failed transactions. You also oversee a well-run office with the able support of your likeable, customer focused and attentive assistant, Janet. The list could go on.
But perhaps most important is your ability to relate to your customers, prospective buyers and sellers, colleagues in the industry, appraisers and lending personnel, inspectors, officials, lawyers, home services providers and all others that play a role in buying and selling a house or other property. You listen, are patient, responsive, seek to be balanced and fair, persevere and do all things necessary to bring a transaction to a successful conclusion. And generally to the satisfaction of all involved. Who could ask for more?

We would be pleased and honored to work with you again should we reenter the market, have already recommended you to others,will continue to recommend you in the future and would willingly and happily serve as a personal reference upon request.