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Christin and Andre Nabonne

We’ve never met a person like Trish, never mind anyone in real estate like her. From the start, Trish showed us that she was in a class of her own.

We’d look at houses that we liked, and she wasn’t afraid to be honest about the potential downsides. We were looking in a difficult price range, but that didn’t deter her from finding the best there was for us in that range. We had done our best to be knowledgeable before we started the house buying process, but Trish still gave us insights that we would have never thought about.

Trish makes the entire process from start-to-finish feel effortless. If she can’t solve a problem, you’ll find she has built a network of people just as great as her to draw on for help. We still find ourselves waking up and thinking how lucky we were to work with her, and how happy we are in the home she helped us get into. If you walk into her office, you’ll see plenty of awards and special recognitions, but don’t be deterred if you’re the “little guy.” She treats every client like they are the most important she’s ever had.