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Dennis and Barb Smith

I am sitting this afternoon in our beautiful new home, and have been reflecting on how everything worked out to bring us here. Specifically, I
have been thinking about all the things that our agent, Trish Ingels, did to get us here. If you are looking for a home, I would love to share parts of
the experience that were so important to us. This is the fifth home we have purchased-working with Trish has made this purchase entirely different from our earlier homes.

Some of the differences:

Trish took the time to really get to know my wife and I. This paid a number of dividends. Some of the best advice we got along the way was what houses we really shouldn’t purchase, even though they had an initial appeal. We quickly started to see properties that we really liked. Trish knew enough about us to promise that we could do better if we looked a little longer. It would have been much easier for her to go along with some of those homes, but combining her knowledge of our situation with an exhaustive knowledge of the Broadmoor market gave her, and us,confidence we hadn’t yet found the home perfect for us. It turns out that Trish has a solid knowledge of home construction. As we looked at different homes, she was quick to notice (in a very few cases), where the builder (or more likely a do it yourself owner) had taken some shortcuts that left the potential for problems down the road. When we first came to Colorado Springs, we had no idea that parts of the city were built on ground that was susceptible to land slides. When we first came into Colorado Springs we had no idea that was the case-but Trish did, and kept us away from this possible problems. Trish was a huge help in getting our financing. If your agent sells a lot of really nice homes, the financing people are very motivated to do their very best work with you. It seems that financing homes gets more complicated every year. We learned right away to mention our realtor by name-it helped
make our file extra important to the finance people. The final thing I wanted to mention is that Trish doesn’t want to be a stranger after your home closes. We moved into Colorado Springs with no idea who to call if we wanted to replace the carpet, fix a garbage disposal, or even re-model a room. Trish knows Colorado Springs. She has always had a name for us-and we have never been disappointed. When some little problem comes up, my wife and I have one response-better call Trish. We bought our home several months ago. Several times my wife and I have remarked how this house id perfect for our family and the entertaining that we do. That is no accident. Trish steered us to the perfect home. We couldn’t have asked for more.