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Doug and Anna Johnson

We are about to become happy homeowners thanks to a treasure of your office, Trish Ingels. We were even doubtful this time that we were going to partner with a buyer’s agent. We started our search unrepresented. Then we met Trish, in seeing one of her houses, and were immediately convinced that she would be essential for our hunt for a home in Old Broadmoor.
Her knowledge is incredible. She knows the history of the area, and often the history of individual homes. She knows about building construction and quality, or lack thereof. She identifies considerations important to consider for re-sale.

Trish has an uncanny ability to read her clients. She puts this quality to work exclusively for her clients’ interests. By listening to us and our individual taste, she knew before we did which house matched us best. But she never pushed. Only when we asked did she respond with her opinion of which house matched us best.

Trish is amazingly responsive. The poor lady ALWAYS makes herself available, and does so without a note of hesitation in her voice. She gives her clients the sense that she really enjoys what she does (which, unfortunately for her, may lead clients to take advantage of her generosity with her time… as no doubt we did).

And what a hard worker! We could tell that Trish is in a class of her own with going above and beyond. In attempting to close on the house we’re purchasing, we ran into a major snag, which nearly killed the deal. The sales agent put in little time, effort, or imagination to keep the deal alive. Trish was the exact opposite. She spent hours researching, cajoling (diplomatically) city officials, and saving the deal. The sales agent has no idea how much she owes Trish, who easily could have let the deal fall apart, and simply await the spring wave of new houses to hit the sales market for us to shop.

Throughout this whole process, Trish has really felt like a friend. We all know the kind of person who pretends to be very friendly to clients. But Trish is real. My wife says she is “pure class”. My wife also notest that Trish presents herself as a real Broadmoor lady. She carries herself both internally and externally.

Our hope now is that Trish is representative of the people we will find living around us in the Broadmoor area. We know this is an unrealistaically high hope. But at least we’re happy to know that we’ll see her driving around our neighborhood, and that we can stop her from time to time to catch up with our friend.

Please share our heartfelt thanks with Trish.