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Howard L. Donaldson

When we set out on the process to rebuild the home we lost in the Waldo Canyon Fire, we systematically interviewed numerous builders. We not only asked about their vision for our new home, we also asked for references. Then we followed up by carefully and thoroughly talking with many of the people who had experience with nearly all of those builders. We also took the time to look at examples of homes they’d built. As we went through this process, a very clear theme emerged: Rick DeLesk and the Newport Company consistently had customers who said things like: “I would absolutely have them build another home for us.” “They know what their doing, they carefully explain the process, and then they deliver, on time, within budget.” In short, we’re glad we took the time to thoroughly check out the Newport Company, and we are equally thankful we selected them. Rick DeLesk’s promises are his bond, and consistent, high quality workmanship coupled with sterling integrity and crystal clear vision are his hallmarks.