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Jeffrey C. Crowley

We purchased our home because of the creative advice from Newport Construction…in fact we would not have purchased our home without them. Rick DeLesk helped us envision a bright open and modern home from a dark and moderately updated 1970’s ranch. Through simple touches such as the upgrading of old doors to better quality, it gave every room entry a cleaner look; it changed the feel of the home. Replacing old carpet with beautiful wood floors throughout and Newport transformed an old kitchen into a work of art has made this old 1970’s ranch a special place for us. Newport also kept many of the unique features of the home such as the wonderful painless windows throughout that allow an unobstructed look out at the city at night and the mountains during the day. What struck us about Newport is they are people of their word and met the deadline within our budget. When we are ready to remodel the second floor we will not think twice about using Newport.