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Julie Loftus

We honestly do not know what we would have done without Trish’s guidance, experience and support during the process of buying our home. We were from out of state, and had a limited opportunity to find and make an offer on a home. To complicate matters, Trish was a last minute agent switch. We found out she was helping us on Sunday afternoon when we were on our way to Colorado. I often refer to this moment as divine intervention. We were moving halfway across the country and we needed an expert. By Monday morning she had 10 showings set up just for Monday, with other showings throughout the rest of the week. With each home we viewed, I was so incredibly impressed by her knowledge of homes. She identified issues within the homes, or pointed out positive aspects. We truly felt like she was watching out for us the entire time. She knows the area so well, she knew what areas were family friendly and had good schools. We fell in love with (and still love it!) house #4. That’s when we saw Trish’s expertise shine through. She fought for us the entire time. She took on our mortgage company in a fierce battle to protect us. And she pulled it off. It was a sight to behold. Once our offer was accepted, she was able to make sure we were able to get the house inspected quickly. We had our home inspected before we left town on Friday. She made sure she was with us during the inspection process. And again, I don’t know what we would have done without her. She kept in constant contact with us the entire time, even though we were in a different state. She took care of us through any issues that came up with the purchase of our home. We constantly say that if it weren’t for Trish, we don’t believe we would have pulled this all off. A less experienced agent would have never been able to handle all the issues that came up. She protected us the entire time. And she dealt with issues, so we didn’t have to. She handled everything, and it reduced the stress that we were under. But the service did not end with the closing of our home. She made sure to check on our house as we were out of state. Once we closed, she provided us with a list of resources in our area that were businesses we could rely on. We have used more than one service she recommended and we have not been disappointed. Trish is well known in the area, and has a fantastic reputation. Trish still checks on us. It is rare to find a service level like what we were shown. I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the area. The bar is instantly raised when you work with Trish. She works tirelessly to ensure that your goal to buy or sell a home is as smooth a process as possible. If we ever sell this house or need to purchase another one, we would definitely utilize Trish again. We have such gratitude for her helping us to realize our dream of living in Colorado. And we fully realize what a major role she had in making our dream a reality.