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Rachael B

Trish is the most thoughtful, caring and hardworking person in the business. Whether you are buying a million-dollar home or you first starter home, Trish is there. Trish borders on doating and who does not want to fell immense comfort when making such big decision? Because Trish is such a lovely human being with incredible standing in the community, rest assured, sellers or buyers agents on the other side of your home negotiation most likely will be delighted to negotiate with Trish, which leads to much better outcomes! Trish is also highly knowledgeable. She has strong ties to the development/construction industry She is well versed in up and coming developments and is very attuned to Colorado’ diverse soil composition and how that might affect the integrity of your new home. Trishs effectiveness at her job is dazzling for sure. in my opinion, the two things that separate trish from everyone else i have worked with are her tireless work ethic and more importantly, her amazing character. She is an emodiment of what a true person of faith looks like. Everyone is worthy of million dollar home service and her warmth melted any stress i had when considering three different homes in a hot market. i cannot speak highly enough of trish ingels