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Susan Brock

We have worked with Trish Ingels as both our Buyer’s Agent and Seller’s Agent starting in 1996 and most recently during the purchase of our current home in 2017. In all, we have had the pleasure of Ms. Ingels as our agent six times over 21 years. I can’t think of a better, more qualified real estate agent to work with on residential homes and residential lot transactions. Given the number of transactions over many years, one can surmise we have seen a number of unusual circumstances arise on a few of them, and have been grateful Ms. Ingels is there to navigate the process with us!
During these years, Trish Ingels has demonstrated her commitment to being both a Buyers and Sellers Agent at all price points and neighborhoods despite her marketing emphasis as being “The Broadmoor Specialist”. As a Buyer’s Agent, she is dedicated to staying within our determined price point and focused neighborhood priorities. And when a property’s condition is an issue, Ms. Ingels has extensive remodel expertise to offer suggestions on possible risk and cost factors for us to consider. Once a contract is on the table, Ms. Ingels provides great contract review/negotiation abilities. Her friendly dispositions coupled with a strong moral compass are attributes we admire, earning respect from the community she
serves. When complications arise, Ms. Ingels is an expert in maneuvering through the myriad of situations to find amiable solutions, even if it has required walking away from a deal. You can bet when the time comes and another change is needed, it’s Trish Ingels we will choose to call on to guide us through the real estate process once more!