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The Hills: Doxiades, Renee’ Jaih, Jabarhi, Nia, Lyhee and Ausland

Thank you for all the care and devotion you put into assisting us with our new home purchase. You were instrumental in every aspect of the buy in agreement. We really appreciated how you held our hand through the process and how you protected us from those who did not have our best interest at heart. You were always resourceful and full of ‘light and salt’ in this world.. Thank you for changing our minds about realtors, You are a broker with God’s heart. Even in your absence (trip to Italy) the closing went well. God was definitely in the midst of our deal. Working with you was a season of relationship building. Also, thanks for getting the developers to assist with the closing fee and for taking a generous cut in your commission. Your assistance brought three groups of people together that helped to fulfill a Gift from God……Our new home!

Thanks again for everything, May God’s gifts of love and prosperity continue to fall upon your family!